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At Southeast Roofing Consultants, we offer the latest in affordable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing roofing options. In Sarasota, metal roofing is an exceptional option because of its ability to reflect heat and provide an easy-to-maintain solution. Our roofers in Sarasota can transform your property with an industry-leading metal roof, giving you a new level of efficiency and peace of mind.

Our Sarasota metal roofing solutions are designed to provide excellent protection for your home with an industry-leading warranty and superior workmanship from our highly experienced roofers. With transparent pricing for our residential roofing solutions, the investment in Sarasota metal roofing has never been easier than with Southeast Roofing Consultants.

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Sarasota Metal Roofing Roof Replacement Modernizes Structures Affordably

High Quality residential roofing and commercial roofing from Southeast Roofing Consultants provides property owners with a cost-effective solution that does an excellent job of protecting your property for decades to come. You need peace of mind from an easy-to-maintain roofing system. With the help of our metal roofing specialists, we can comprehensively transform your home or business in Sarasota and Manatee Counties, with ease. Consider the value that a metal roof in Sarasota can bring to your property.

When you need roof replacement, consider the advantages of using our commercial and residential roofing services in Sarasota.

Let us help you overcome the challenges in Sarasota metal roofing

Metal Roofing Replacement

In Sarasota, metal roofing from Southeast Roofing Consultants is done by utilizing the most trusted team available. We not only use the best roofing materials, but our metal roofing systems are installed by highly trained, trusted, and certified professionals. We know it can be confusing to choose the right type of roofing product for your home or business. That’s why our professional roofers are always a phone call away.

  • Lack of Communication and Professionalism: Some roofing companies simply don’t communicate well about product qualities, warranty options, or even when they will arrive to handle your project. They lack credibility in providing the materials right for the job.
  • Delays and Distractions for Homeowners: You need a Sarasota metal roofing company that shows up on time, gets the job done, provides you with training, and meets your objectives. Companies with distractions are not prioritizing your project.
  • Safety Mistakes Put You at Risk: A lack of training or inability to meet manufacturer requirements makes your new metal roof inferior and may compromise its lifespan and protection. Without proven experience with metal shingles and metal roofing systems, you cannot know the job is done well.
  • Changes in Project Scope and Budget: Often stemming from poor preplanning and a lack of knowledge, if your metal roofing in Sarasota, FL, becomes suddenly more complex, that’s a concern.
  • Problems Develop Later After the Roofing Contractor Leaves: Even though they may claim to be roofing experts, they may not answer the phone when problems develop or provide you with help with metal roof repair when you need it the most.


Don't let a leaky, ugly or outdated roof dampen your spirits or your property value!
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Reliable Metal Roofing in Sarasota

Metal Roofing in Sarasota FL

Why Choose Southeast Roofing Consultants for Sarasota Metal Roofing?

A Trusted Metal Roofing Contractor in Sarasota, FL

Southeast Roofing Consultants are the team to call when you need roof replacement from a trusted, professional company. We believe in being fully transparent with our customers, including about the options in metal roofs for their home or business, the installation process, and the costs. We make sure that no matter if you choose asphalt shingle roofs, concrete tile roofs, clay tile roofs, or our highly desired metal roofs, you get exceptional results.

High-quality, Superior Metal Roofing Panels: We ensure that the metal roofing system installed on your home or business is designed to provide long-term efficiency and the aesthetic you desire. We ensure you are getting an industry leading metal roof Sarasota that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Free Estimates and Honest Pricing: We provide you with a free quote that’s based on the specific needs of your property. That ensures it is highly accurate and transparent. When you use our metal roofing services, you know you are getting quality roofing at the best possible price.

Superior Durability, Energy Efficient Solutions: With several types of metal roofing Sarasota FL, available, we can customize solutions to meet any needs, including wind-resistant metal roofs that provide energy efficiency ratings at the best level in the industry.

Metal Roofing Contractor Sarasota FL Residents Trust: When you use us for your Florida roofing project, you get results you can rely on. We are recognized for our top-notch customer service, dedication to providing our clients with superior results, and reliable workmanship. That comes from our many years of experience solving roofing problems and providing roof repair in Sarasota, FL.


Southeast Roofing Consultants For Sarasota Metal Roofing

Sarasota Metal Roofing Solutions from Southeast Roofing Consultants

Southeast Roofing Consultants works closely with our residential and commercial clients to offer the very best in metal roofing in Sarasota, FL. We are a complete roofing service provider, working to handle all of your roofing needs with ease and reliability.

  • New Metal Roof Installation – When your roofing needs mean a brand new roof that can handle the high winds in Florida, we can help you. We install exceptional metal roofing Sarasota, FL, residents can rely on.
  • Re-Roof Solutions – Get rid of your broken concrete  tiles or shingle roof and replace it with a new roof. Let us re-roof your property with confidence and efficiency to give your property a brand new level of protection.
  • Roof Repairs – Our Sarasota metal roofing team can handle any existing roof repairs to your metal roof. If you have a roof substructure that needs repairs before a new roof is put in place, give us a call.
  • Commercial Roof Installation – Our commercial roofing contractor can install your new roof on any type of commercial building, from offices and hotels to retail locations and restaurants. Talk to us about all of your project needs.
  • Roof Inspections – Our roofing professionals can inspect your existing metal roof to ensure it meets your expectations. We will look for missing fasteners, damage to the structure, and overall degradation during your inspection. If you need metal roof repairs, we can handle them for you in no time.

We Handle All Types of Metal Roof Installation

At Southeast Roofing Consultants, we stay ahead of the game when it comes to Sarasota metal roofing solutions. We know that metal roofing is an exceptional value for today’s property owners and offers all of the products that are now standing out as the best in the industry. Here’s what you will find in our metal roofing systems.

Multi Brand Options

As a GAF certified Master Elite Contractor, we work closely with today’s biggest and best brands to provide our clients with access to industry leading products. That includes GAF, but also Eagle, Crown, Westlake Royal, and Polyglass. Not all offer metal roofs, but new products are always hitting the line up of options available to you.

Numerous Types of Metal Roof Solutions

You can choose any of our Sarasota metal roofing options, including tin, copper, and sheet metal systems. These are roofing systems that have a long lifespan and a high impact rating. They are fantastic for their wind resistance as well.

Long Warranties

Our metal roofs come with our in-house ten-year labor and material warranty, and they are non-prorated on all metal roofs. That’s in addition to the warranty provided by the manufacturer themselves, which is often 25 years or longer.

Exceptional Standing Seam Metal Roof Options

When you want the very best in metal roofing, our standing seam metal roof is a top-of-the-line option. We offer a variety of high quality roofing systems designed to meet even the most challenging of areas. You can trust these roofs to last with our professional grade installation.

Lower Energy Costs

Our metal roofing offers outstanding solutions to our clients, including drastically lowering their energy costs. With the insulative and reflective benefits of our Sarasota metal roofing systems, we can help you lower your energy bills from the first month and for years to come.

Peace of Mind

When you work with our team, you get peace of mind with quality materials and workmanship. We are a credible, well-established professional company that is Sarasota-approved for providing industry-leading solutions.

Trust Us to Provide Exceptional Support as Your Metal Roofing Contractor Sarasota, FL

Southeast Roofing Consultants strives to provide the highest level of service and installation for our clients, comprehensively offering a like-new look with some of the best modern roofing systems available today. We are a family-owned and operated Sarasota metal roofing company with over 50 years of experience. We have completed more than 20,000 roofing projects in our history and have maintained a 4.9 Google Review rating. That shows we are trusted and respected.

We provide metal roofing throughout the region, including North Sarasota, South Sarasota, Tampa, Lakewood Ranch, Venice, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Nokomis, and the surrounding areas. Set up a free quote with us to learn more about the roofing solutions we offer.

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Need roof repairs in Sarasota or a roof replacement? Resident and business owner, reach out to our team at Southeast Roofing Consultants who have years of experience and a perfect rating from the Better Business Bureau for a free written estimate today. Our teams actively serve Sarasota and Manatee Counties, Bradenton, North Sarasota, South Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Venice, Nokomis, and the surrounding areas. We also offer full financing through a number of financial backers.


Don't let a leaky, ugly or outdated roof dampen your spirits or your property value!
It's time to contact Southeast Roofing Consultants For

FAQs on Metal Roofing in Sarasota & Manatee Counties

Replacing a roof is a major investment, so it’s only natural to have a few questions. We’ll try to answer a few of the most common questions a property owner may have.

Metal roofs offer exceptional benefits to many people in Florida because of their high impact rating, which makes them hurricane-rated products. These roofing systems also reduce your home’s energy costs by reflecting away more of the sun’s intensity, keeping your AC from having to work hard. More so, they last for decades, and with our long warranty and guarantee, you gain peace of mind. Many times, you’ll never have to replace your roof again.

Metal roof installation takes time, but no longer than it takes to install any type of roof on your home. Our team is time efficient. We ensure the job is done properly the first time and meets all manufacturer requirements. We also have a full team ready to go to get your project taken care of in no time. That helps you to get the roof you need without the hassle.

We offer an in-house 10-year warranty on labor and materials on tile and metal. Our GAF asphalt materials and flat roofing materials come with a 50-year materials warranty along with 25 years of full labor coverage – there is no proration of any of our coverages!