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Tile Roof Repair Sarasota FL

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Tile roof repair specialist in Sarasota

Businesses and homeowners trust our roofers for all of their tile roof repair needs for commercial and residential roofing services, and we are a trusted roofing company that serves Sarasota, Manatee County, and the surrounding areas. We can install and provide roofing services for any type of roof, including your shingle roof, flat roof, and other tile roofing preferences. We have many types of manufacturer roofing system options available today, including Eagle, Crown, Westlake Royal and we offer a generous warranty on quality roofing materials and workmanship to bring you greater peace of mind. If you prefer another manufacturer, just call us to find out what other choices we have.

The Challenges of Finding An Exceptional Tile Roof Repair Company

Here at Southeast Roofing Consultants, you’ll never have to wonder why we are a top choice for tile roof repairs in Sarasota and Manatee County. However, there are some contractors who can create barricades to a successful project, and here are a few to look out for.

Inconsistency in Workmanship and Quality of Materials

Poor techniques equate to poor results, which can lead to concerns about durability, longevity and leaks. You might need more frequent repairs and face long-term problems with contractors who cut corners.

Poor Communication

Contractors who aren’t available to answer questions before or during the project can be problematic. You want and need to know what’s going on with their plans and progress. If they take too long to respond or fail to do so at all, you might want to take action or go with another choice.

Time Frame Issues and Scheduling Difficulties

Contractors who keep changing or missing deadlines or fail to show up on time can lead to disruptions in your busy life. Avoid this by choosing a highly-rated roofing company from the start.

Failure to Give Info About Warranty and Service Guarantees

Any roofing company that fails to provide you with information concerning the manufacturers’ warranty on their projects may be hiding something. Also, if they aren’t willing to give you a written guarantee on their workmanship it should seem suspect. There should be no uncertainties about guarantees of quality or about making insurance claims for your tile repair.

Finding An Exceptional Tile Roof Repair Company

Potentially Hiring Fraudulent or Disorganized Contractors

Let’s face facts: not every tile roofing contractor is 100% honest with their customers. Are they being deceptive about their track record and actual reviews and references from verified previous clients? Are they disorganized when gathering a quote, doing a roof inspection or when bringing materials onto the site? These are signs to walk away quickly.

Unplanned Disruptions

When the scheduling changes, contractors can impede your time on the property with dust and excessive noise that can create scheduling challenges for you and other occupants. If they fail to perform clean up each day or leave behind a mess, liability risks drastically increase.

Unanswered Inquiries About Insurance and Legalities

You’ll surely want to ensure that the roofing company under consideration can provide the proper documentation to prove their certifications, licensing and current insurance coverage. If they don’t (or won’t) show you this information, there could be troubles in the future. Make sure they are following current guidelines with proper permitting and meeting business codes.


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tile roof repair sarasota
Tile Roof Repair Sarasota FL

Do We Offer Your Type of Tile for Repairs?

Because there are so many types of tile materials available today, some consumers wonder what kind of materials we offer, which are just about any type you can imagine. Your tile roofing contractor will take time to discuss each one, and we’ll briefly discuss them here.

Clay Tile Repair

The oldest and most traditional option is clay tile roofing, and it has been used for centuries to cover structures with origins dating back to the 17th century. They are highly recognizable due to their distinctive reddish-brown color, but have developed over the years to be available in a number of shapes, styles and colors.

Concrete Tile Roof Repair

Concrete tile roofing is predominantly made of cement and is often called such. It can also include other materials like glass, sand and iron oxide combined. The process of repairing and replacing missing tiles requires removal of the old debris, replacing the underlayment and installing fastening battens. Concrete tiles are often used to mimic the appearance of other materials, and they are Class A fire-rated and can hold up to category 3 hurricane winds with ease. Dyes can be used to create a variety of colors.


sarasota tile roof repair
tile roof repair sarasota florida

Metal Roof Tiles Repair

Metal roof tiles might not be as widely popular as their concrete and clay counterparts, but they provide great value for homeowners wanting something new on a budget. These roofing systems are lightweight, yet are highly resistant to hail, wind and water. They are also walkable and highly durable and are typically made from copper, steel and aluminum.

Composite Tile Repair

As the name suggests, composite tile is the culmination of different materials to create a highly sturdy one. Often made of asphalt, recycled plastics and paper, they are also called synthetic tiles. They can be shaped to have different textures and even simulate natural materials. Available in a number of colors, composite is a great alternative to clay, as it is lighter and more versatile.


tile roof repair sarasota fl

Factors To Consider For Hiring A Tile Roof Contractor

When installing or replacing tile roofing, it’s always best to hire a professional to ensure accuracy in the work and to avoid disasters. Some things to consider when looking for a roofing contractor include the following.

  • The contractor should be officially licensed by the state and insured.
  • The company should have a good deal of experience in the industry.
  • They should have plenty of positive references and reviews.
  • The consultant should be able to help you file any insurance claims and to discuss any tax incentives.
  • They should be willing and able to answer your questions about the project and offer follow ups after project completion.


hiring a tile roof contractor

Frequently Asked Questions About Tile

There are a few common questions about this unique material.

With the harsh weather that often has us dealing with damaging storms and scorching heat, a tile roof is a solid option. The most significant benefit to tile roofing is its resiliency and long lifespan, which can be 50 to a hundred years or longer with routine care.

Tile roof requires almost no maintenance, but if you live under trees that nest a lot of wildlife or tend to grow vines or fungus, you can clean it with a soft scrub brush and a special sanitizing solution. Be sure to take safety precautions during the process.

The final cost of tile roofing installations depends on a number of factors, such as the size and complexity of the architecture, the style you choose and your overall budget. However, we can offer some averages that customers in Florida pay for these projects.

  • Clay roof tiles average $12 to $18 per square foot
  • Concrete roof tiles average $9 to $26 per square foot
  • Metal roof tiles average 10.60 to $18 per square foot
  • Slate roof tiles average $20+ per square foot
  • Composite roof tiles average $11.75 to $19 per square foot

Why Choose Us For Tile Roof Repair Services

Some people ask us if it’s possible to do tile roof repair as a do-it-yourself project. Well, it certainly can be done, but only a highly skilled worker with a small team of handy team members is required to accomplish the task on your own. This could be an option in cases where only a few missing tiles need to be replaced, but a full job can be too much to take on. The experts recommend having repairs or a new tile roof installed by a local expert who knows the industry and guarantees quality roofing results.

This is a complex procedure that requires great skill and ultra-precision. If it is not installed correctly, there can be openings visible that lead to leaks. In the worst case scenarios, the materials can fall and damage interiors or suffer from structural failure and fail to perform during high winds or storms. We use the best materials and have highly trained crews that can handle everything for you, including the heavy lifting, daily cleanup and debris removal.


Tile Roof Roof Repairs in Sarasota Manatee County
50 Years Experience In Tile Roof Roof Repairs

We Have 50 Years Experience In Tile Roof Roof Repairs in Sarasota & Manatee County

With 20,000+ roofing projects completed, we take pride in providing excellent service to every customer who calls us for roofing services. Our company has boasted a 4.9 rating with the Better Business Bureau for decades due to our workmanship, use of the best materials and customer engagement before, during and after project completion. We provide free, no-obligation written estimates and even offer complimentary add-ons like a free squirrel cover, paint vents to match your roof and can even re-color most gutters, as well.

Want a Tile Roof Repair?

Your new tile roof and repairs can withstand high winds and last for a hundred years or more. If you’re looking for quality roofing backed with a solid warranty on materials and workmanship, you can’t go wrong with choosing Southeast Roofing Consultants. Tile roof repair in Sarasota, Florida is our specialty, and we are fully certified, licensed and insured to serve the state of Florida.

We have flexible financing options that can bring you peace of mind when paying for your roof. If you need a roof inspection, tile roof repair or a full replacement, click the contact us button or call today to schedule a consultation. We proudly serve greater Sarasota, North Sarasota, Bradenton, Siesta Key, Nolomis, Venice, Longwood Ranch, FL and the surrounding areas. Our team members also speak Spanish for our bilingual customers!


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